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VIP/NYC Reality Show Concept

“Sometimes your biggest fear will be your biggest motivation”

The following videos are the original “sizzle reels” we had developed for a Reality Show based in NYC about breaking into the entertainment industry. The show was to take a realistic perspective on the hard work and everything it takes to make it as a model, actor, or performer in NYC.

When the videos were previewed to industry insiders– agents, managers, casting directors, etc. they loved the realism. The talent working in the industry loved it too. People said this is what the world needs– realism, not the idea of instant fame. “Sounds like a winner,” we thought!

Well, guess what– the decision makers who approve the shows you see on television loved it also, but… The “hold-up” was that the advertisers who pay for the majority of a new production’s costs needed a scripted drama that would show the television audience what they perceived working in the entertainment industry was like. Mainstream America, the advertiser’s target audience, was not interested in hard work, but glitz and glamour. From those suggestions, the concept of the Model Diaries NYC was born. Through the Model Diaries NYC, we could give mainstream America the drama of the competitive and glamorous world of high-end modeling, yet stay true to our original concept of telling “it how it is.” With that inside info, enjoy a little bit of Reality Television history, which never was. (Well not yet at least.)

VIP/ NYC The “IT” Factor Episode 1

“VIP/NYC” encompasses the day-to-day events of “VIP TALENT CONNECT” with user-generated content, high-art-styled visuals and diverse locations throughout the tri-state area, all seamlessly strung together into one engaging five-minute segment. “VIP/NYC” captures the look and feel of the Empire State and the struggle of the quintessential aspiring NYC actor, singer, model and dancer.”
— Alycia Kaback

VIP/NYC “Form from Fiasco” Episode 2

Things are heating up on VIP / NYC as we read the script for “Boost” the movie. “Boost” will be shot in New York City, Tokyo and Paris.

It really is all about who you know!

VIP/NYC Reality Show “Indie VS The Industry”

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