Dance To Your Revolution! Time to turn your passion for a dancing career, in the entertainment industry, from a dream into a reality!

Whether your style is classical, modern, theatrical, you want your skills to be featured at the top studios, or dancing behind your favorite pop star, on tour, in front of thousands. Not only does The It Factor help you clarify your career goals, but we’ll also connect you with top industry executives to make it happen. Together we’ll map out what a successful career in entertainment looks like for you, and how we’ll work together to achieve just that!

Whether your style is classical, modern, theatrical, or you want your skills to be featured at the top studios, or to dance in your favorite music artist’s videos and shows. Not only does The It Factor help you clarify your career goals, we’ll also connect you with top industry executives in order to map out what a successful career in entertainment looks like for you, and how we’ll work together to achieve that. Auditioning has never been so easy, when joining The It Factor Productions, we equip you with the tools and education necessary to create and have the career you desire.

Because we have two management companies within the It Factor Productions, we work closely with numerous casting agents in the industry supplying them with a wide pool of talent for castings on the small and big screens. More than just helping you find work, we provide you with the education needed to navigate this industry, as well as teach you how to treat your career as your business. All of this training comes free of charge to our talent. We work daily with casting directors and industry execs, giving us a clear idea what’s being asked for most, as well as establishing a strong edge for our talent to consistently be working, and moving closer and closer to their goals. Our commitment within the It Factor Productions is to foster an environment that is conducive to consistent growth of all of our talent and our business.

Our Open Calls are by appointment only. Schedule an appointment with us today, to see if you have The It Factor.

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