Are you the next big singing sensation? Do You Have what it takes to grace the stages in front of thousands of adoring fans?

Picture yourself dazzling crowds of adoring fans with your vocal gift. Maybe you’ve already begun to record your own music, but do you know how to get it out into the world? Do you have the connections in the record industry that can help you get the airplay, distribution, and the shows you desire? The IT Factor Productions has a proven track record of connecting fresh talent to the executives and decision makers you need to meet. Helping you realize your dream so you get back to focusing on what it is you do best, making sweet music.

Sure you know you have a great voice, but does the world know? Imagine yourself gracing the stage in front of hundreds; now picture yourself dazzling thousands of adoring fans. We want to help you realize this dream of having a professional singing career, and living the life of you’ve always wanted. Maybe you’ve already begun to record your own music, but do you know how to get it out into the world? Do you have the connections in the record industry that can help you get the air play, distribution, and shows you desire? We, at the IT Factor Productions have an established brand with a proven track record of connecting fresh talent to the executives and decision makers that are known for being the catalyst for the career surges of many well-known musical phenomena’s today.

With our hands on approach we advise our talent on the directions to go with their career, the best steps to take to get there, and how to properly market their talent out into the world. For example, whether or not our musician’s should look into avenues that diversify his/her portfolio. We identify and map out the opportunities that are right for you and your particular brand. We’ll also match and connect your brand of talent to the individuals, organizations, or agency(s) you need to connect with. Mentoring you every step of the way, and keeping you focused on the end goal to make sure every decision and contract signed is leading in that direction. Our commitment within the It Factor Productions is to foster an environment that is conducive to the consistent growth of all of our talent and our business.

Our Open Calls are by appointment only. Schedule an appointment with us today, to see if you have The It Factor.

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