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A Day at the Ballpark with Alycia Kaback and Dinner With the Boys

Involvement in a Broadway production always comes with many perks. Some of these perks include getting front row seating at the Tony’s, VIP seating at all of the best restaurants, and more.

When you are Alycia Kaback and the cast of Dinner with the Boys, you get all that and an opportunity to go on field at Yankee Stadium.



Dinner with the Boys is a new Off Broadway comedy that stars actors Dan Lauria, Ray Abruzzo, and Richard Zavaglia. Comedic pair Dan Lauria and Richard Zavaglia play wise guys Charlie and Dom from the old neighborhood. The two must whip up a perfect serving of putanesca after finding themselves at odds with family.
The show is full of laughter and plot twists.


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The New York Yankees are an American Major League Baseball team. Their home is at Yankee Stadium located in Bronx, NY. They are a very popular team and have won the World Series 27 times.

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Join us live on 6/20/2015 at Yankee Stadium where our CEO Alycia Kaback along with cast members Dan Lauria, Ray Abruzzo, Richard Zavaglia and executive producer Pat Addiss, get to enjoy the game between the  NY Yankees and  the Philadelphia Phillies. They will be on the field meeting and interacting with the players. It just might happen that the players will be the ones asking for autographs.

Opportunities like this prove that when you’re connected anything is possible – if you would like to be a part of the entertainment industry click here to schedule an appointment.

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