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Inside the Entertainment Industry: Ryan Colby

ryanheadshotThe It Factor Productions presented the Inside the Entertainment Industry workshop, this time featuring Ryan Colby, the CEO of Colby Models, the high fashion division of Colby KMM.


Ryan Colby’s Q&A

Colby mentored Colby KMM talent by having an in-depth and real discussion about the modeling and acting industry. Colby went over the “dos and don’ts” when it comes to castings, jobs and what to wear. He shared a number of real-life stories of models showing up late to jobs, oversleeping, and how you need thick skin in this highly competitive industry.

A number of highlighted Colby KMM talent in attendance were Hannah Townsend, James DeVine, Richard McMickens, Chris Halasz and Joe McDonald.

Colby Models Q&A

Colby KMM Joe McDonald Chris HalaszTwo Colby KMM talent signed to the Colby Models division, Chris Halasz and Joe McDonald, joined Colby in his discussion by helping mentor the talent with their own experiences.

The two discussed what it was like moving from the suburbs of New Jersey to New York, N.Y., where they grabbed inspiration from, the connections they made while only being with The It Factor Productions and Colby KMM for a couple months, how to deal with rejection, and how to improve upon yourself in the modeling industry. Both have a meeting with a Milan agency.

ABOUT Ryan Colby

Ryan Colby is the CEO of Colby Models, the high fashion division of Colby KMM, and has been a model for 25 years. Some of the companies that he has modeled for are Lexus, The Face, and Issey Miyake.

Ryan has also been an art director, and has created images for magazines such as, Surface, Brasil Vogue, Spanish Vogue, Greek Vogue, German Vogue, and Interview. Ryan Colby manages lucrative clients here as well as abroad, and works with worldwide placement opportunities.


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